Singapore (11/25) - DBS Foundation, a social foundation owned by DBS that focuses on promoting social entrepreneurship. The foundation provides grants worth 1.3 million Singapore dollars through the Social Enterprise Grant Program 2019. The programme aims to support social entrepreneurs in order to accelerate business growth and social impact.

Nanda Putra (CEO of Tanijoy) pitched in front of the DBS Foundation BOD

In the fifth year of Social Enterprise Grant Programme, DBS Foundation awarded 9 social enterprises several Asian countries. The grant programme encourages social entrepreneurs to solve complex problems from various sectors, such as  access to health and health education, employment generation for marginalized, environment protection and waste management solutions, responsible education and literacy, creating rural livelihoods, innovative technologies for social impact and much more.

The 2019 grant awardees are Tanijoy (Indonesia), Agape (Singapore), NamZ (Singapore), reach52 (Singapore), Boaz International Education Institute (Hongkong), Cha Tzu Tang (Taiwan), MotionECO (China), S4S Technologies (India), and UWin Nanotech (Taiwan).

This year, Tanijoy became the only social enterprise from Indonesia. Tanijoy was selected after competing with 600 social enterprises in Asia. The criteria include the ability to address social needs, innovation, as well as the sustainability and scalability of its business models. Every awardee is required to demonstrate a path to achieving key business and social impact milestones. As an awardee, Tanijoy officially joined the esteemed community of social enterprises whom DBS Foundation supports to ignite possibilities for a truly inclusive Asia.

About Tanijoy

Tanijoy is a sharia-based investment platform that connects small farmers to working capital for agricultural cultivation. The enterprise is focusing on horticultural commodities. The mission is to improve the quality and productivity of smallholder farmers thus enhance better livelihood. Tanijoy empowers farmers not only in term of financing but also agricultural training, technology, and also basic of financial management.

About DBS Foundation

Championing Social Entrepreneurship

As a foundation dedicated to championing social entrepreneurship. DBS Foundation contributes social to building more inclusive communities so that marginalized people improve their lives. DBS Foundation collaborates with Social Entrepreneurs in Singapore, India, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong with a various programme ranging from business challenges, forums, intensive incubation, grant support, financing, and mentoring.

This foundation is an effort by DBS Bank to create a greater impact in addressing Asia's growing social needs. Please visit or contact at